1909-O Barber Quarter

The 1909-O Barber Quarter (Buy on eBay) is not generally considered to be a key date, however it is often difficult to acquire. The mintage of the coin was 712,000 pieces, however most of these spent a considerable amount of time in circulation. As such few survive in grades higher than EF.

This was also the final year that the New Orleans mint produced circulating coinage. The facility was closed down for minting practices by the end of the year, never to be resumed again. This adds another dimension of appeal for this lower mintage Barber Quarter.

Coin Specifications

Date 1909
Mint Mark O
Mint Location New Orleans
Composition 90% Silver, 10% Copper
Weight 6.25 grams
Diameter 24.3 mm
Designer Charles E. Barber

Coin Mintages

Mintage 712,000